A silicone sex doll with sexy feet

Marie is a pretty blonde silicone sex doll with blue eyes. Small, she attracts nevertheless the looks with her irresistible charm and her smile. In addition, she knows very well to highlight her body. The young woman knows the secrets of seduction in her dizziness and mini-skirt. Being still a student, she chose not to weave any serious relationship for the moment. So to satisfy his sexual needs, it happens to him from time to time to flirt with guys met in the night clubs, some of his friends to the university and sometimes the masturbation, it passes also. It can be said that she has already tried everything apart from fetishism including foot fetish and zoophilia. 

and unexpected silicone sex doll encounter

On a Friday night as usual, she went out with a few friends and friends. For Marie in particular, it's a sex party. Indeed, she promised to fuck with the first guy who will please him that day. She flashed for Jules, a tough guy and who seems to be well membré. The current flows well between the two and Jules finally convinced Mary to come to him the same evening. They left their respective friends and found themselves alone at Jules's.

A new silicone sex doll experience

The door barely opened, Jules grabs Marie and the plate against the wall. He started kissing her passionately and kneading her nipples, which are already hard. Marie quickly unbuttoned the shirt of Jules and arrived already at the level of his pants. His cock already straight and hard corresponds well with the expectation of the young woman. But when she wanted to masturbate it, Jules stops her, she whispers to him that he would like a good footjob and so that one masturbates with his feet. Without asking any question, she executes. Admittedly, the experience is new but she is ready to try this new experience. She placed between her two feet the stiff cock of Jules and began to make jumps. Just by looking at the young woman's gestures, Jules is at the height of excitement. He ended up ejaculating between the little feet of Mary.

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